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  » Are You Completing Grant Applications Correctly? - July-11-13
I wouldn’t say there’s an art to completing grant applications, but there is a set of skills involved. There are also correct ways to fill out grant applications and ways that are simply wrong.First, you should read all the directions  ... [read more]
  » Quick Tips for Getting More Grant Money - June-06-13
Here are 25 quick tips for getting more grant money: 1. Follow application directions carefully. All of them. 2. Stay focused on your need for grant money. Don’t add fluff or filler to your application. 3. Use a grant database to find grants  ... [read more]
  » Can You Get Grant Money Locally? - May-15-13
In some of my previous posts I gave you several places to look for grants. Mainly I listed grant databases available to you since I am convinced these databases are the most logical place to find grants these days. Hey, we might as well use  ... [read more]
  » Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Grant Writer? - March-14-13
During the course of any school year many teachers and administrators decide they need to find grant money for their schools. With the budget cuts that many schools have seen in the last couple of years, I’m sure that this year has been no  ... [read more]
  » Seven Steps to Winning Grant Money - February-28-13
There are no secrets to getting grant money for your school. You can get your share of grants provided you follow the proper steps persistently and consistently. Most of the schools that don't win grant money either don't apply for grants or do so  ... [read more]
  » Supplement vs. Supplant - February-13-13
Supplant means to “take the place of.” Supplement means to “add something to complete a thing.” For almost any grant you write, it is important for you to begin a new program or to supplement a program rather than to  ... [read more]
  » Be Aggressive: Use a Grant Database - January-17-13
I worry about schools not being aggressive enough about finding the grants they need. The budget shortfalls these days are just too critical to ignore. Schools are cutting, cutting, cutting, yet they often don't seem to understand that an  ... [read more]
  » 4 Ways to Become an Effective Grant Writer - December-11-12
Applying for grants is a skill. Just like any other skill, you must have at least basic knowledge in grant writing and then practice what you have learned again and again. Getting enough practice is easy since you can apply for any number of  ... [read more]
  » 7 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Apply for a Grant - November-15-12
It’s not easy to get motivated to fill out grant applications. I know that. I spent twenty years in public schools as a teacher and an administrator. Asking for money shouldn’t be an educator’s job. After all, we signed on to  ... [read more]
  » Classroom Grants for Classroom Memories - October-18-12
While the majority of school days are taken up by routine lessons and mundane tasks, I believe that teachers and principals should strive to give students very positive memories of their time in a particular class or building. Students often  ... [read more]
  » Determine Your Organization's Grant Readiness - October-15-12
These questions are designed to determine your readiness to develop and obtain funding.  ... [read more]
  » Grant Assessment Questionnaire - October-15-12
Questions designed to assess your readiness to develop and obtain start-up or program specific funding and to assist us in helping you. They provide a basis to determine what else may be needed before you pursue your organization’s mission, or  ... [read more]
  » A Simple “Thank You” Will Do - September-18-12
It is always appropriate to thank a granting entity for the money they give to your school. Foundation boards are pleased to know they have chosen grateful schools with worthwhile projects, but state and federal grant contact persons like to  ... [read more]
  » Where Do I Look for Grants? - August-15-12
You should be looking for grants right now. The way most state finances are currently shaping up, there are still likely to be many state budget shortfalls. Unfortunately, this does not bode well for schools anywhere in the  ... [read more]
  » Moving from the reality of “what is” to “what it can/ought to be” - August-14-12
You found a grant. You’ve looked at the funders priorities and decided that it matches what you are trying to get funded. You’ve started to look at your need and are finding data to “convict” yourself of having the need.  ... [read more]
  » Should Principals and Teachers Apply for Grants? - July-31-12
Last time I wrote about forming grant committees at a campus and district level. I want to talk a little more about grants at the campus level – campus and classroom grants. I believe more and more schools need to write these smaller grants  ... [read more]
  » Grant Writing – Getting Started - July-15-12
It is important to recognize, right from the start, "grant writing" is a game. You are in competition with many others – some experienced and others novice. Your goal is to WIN the game – which in this instance – the  ... [read more]
  » It's the Perfect Time for a Grant Committee - July-01-12
I've written a time or two on this blog about forming grant committees. This is the perfect time for you to form your own grant committee at the campus or district level if you don't already have one. If you do already have one, make sure  ... [read more]
  » Where Do I Go To Look for Grants? - June-15-12
You should be looking for grants right now. The way most state finances are shaping up, there are likely to be many state budget shortfalls again this year. Unfortunately, this does not bode well for schools anywhere in the country. One of the  ... [read more]
  » The Seventh Step: Beating the Grant Deadline - June-01-12
Over the past several issues we have discussed in detail how to find appropriate grants for your school and how to complete applications that help ensure your school receives the grant money it needs. ... [read more]
  » The Sixth Step: Completing Your Grant Application the Right Way - May-15-12
I started a seven-step series a couple of months ago giving exact details of how to find grant money and write winning grant proposals. I made a special New Year’s post a couple of weeks ago, but I’m now ready to finish the series. You  ... [read more]
  » The Fifth Step: Gathering Information & Obtaining the Grant Application - May-01-12
Over the past several months I have shared steps one through four to follow as you attempt to secure grant money for your school. Those first four steps include: 1. Understanding the hurdle(s)/issue(s) your school faces. 2. Developing a solution to  ... [read more]
  » The Fourth Step: Finding Possible Grants - April-15-12
If you want to secure grant money for your school, the first step is to understand in detail the main issues your school faces. The second step is to develop a solution that has the greatest likelihood of solving one of those problems. The third  ... [read more]
  » The Third Step: Finding Possible Grants - April-01-12
If you want to secure grant money for your school, the first step is to understand in detail the main problems/needs your school faces. The second step -- the subject of the last blog -- is to develop a solution that has the greatest chance to solve  ... [read more]

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