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District Licenses for Grant Search

Now districts can license our database so that every educator in the entire district can search for grants.

This means that district educators can go after millions of dollars in grant money each year. You will no longer have to depend on your district grant writer (if you're lucky enough to have one) to fill out every application.

We offer over 30 categories of grants:

Special Education
Safe/Drug-Free Schools
ESL/Bilingual/Foreign Language
Social Studies
Community Service/Volunteerism
Early Childhood   Vocational
Technology   Journalism
At-Risk/Character   General Education
Professional Development   Transportation
Adult Literacy   Family Services
Arts   Migrant
Native American   Homeless
Facilities/Maintenance   Miscellaneous
Disabilities   All Others

Our database is very simple to use. Just pick your state, your type of school, and one of the categories above. Within seconds you can view hundreds of possible grant opportunities for which your classroom, campus, or district might be eligible. You read briefly through the descriptions of the grants and pick out those most likely to meet your needs.

And the cost of enrolling the entire district is just a fraction of what it would cost if you subscribed to our database campus by campus. View Pricing

License our database today, and we can either give you a district-wide login or actually put our grant search box directly on your district website.

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