Monthly Archives: November 2013

Current Grant Opportunities- November 2013

1.    Mini-Grants from the Music Is Revolution Foundation
2.    Books for Children from the Libri Foundation
3.    Program Grants from the Enterprise Holdings Foundation
4.    Educational Grants from the Edward E. Ford Foundation
5.    Ford Foundation Educational Grants from The Ford Foundation
6.    EngineerGirl Essay Contest from Lockheed Martin
7.    Foundation Grants from Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation
8.    The Show Must Go On Video Contest from The Pioneer Drama Service, Inc
9.    USGA Alliance Grants from National Alliance for Accessible Golf
10.  Foundation Grant from Patterson Foundation

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Assessment and Evaluation in Grant Writing

You’re really moving along now; you have a very good handle on the program you will be providing for your students. You’ve described the need and you have checked your eligibility for the grant you are seeking.

By now, you’ve spoken to your prospective grantor. Yes? A phone call has been made to be sure you have the most current application package from their office. You’ve cleverly woven in an introduction to your project with your requests for more information. You have started the process of developing a rich and long lasting relationship with XYZ Foundation. You’ve been to their office (or nearby university) where there was a grants conference to meet and greet grant professionals in your community. Their experience will be useful to you as you go along.

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