Monthly Archives: June 2015

Current Grant Opportunities – June 2015

  1. Educational Grants from the Chichester duPont Foundation, Inc.
  2. Educational Grants from Bridgestone Americas Trust Fund
  3. Challenge Educational Grants from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
  4. Lina S. Putney Teacher Inspiration Award from the Journalism Education Association
  5. Educational Grants from the Ambrose Monell Foundation
  6. Project Orange Thumb from the Fiskars Corporation
  7. Ship Grants from the National Art Education Foundation (NAEF)
  8. Shell Science Lab Challenge from the National Science Teachers Association and Shell Oil Company
  9. The Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Grant Program from Wild Ones
  10. Family Service Community Grants from Autism Speaks

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Using Research in Your Grant Applications

Besides being a grants manager, I have also been a Library Media Specialist. In fact, if I’m really honest with myself, my heart belongs in the library. Contrary to popular opinion, libraries are not dead; in fact, they are becoming more relevant every day as the huge ocean of digital information appears online. Someone has to index it all, and make it more accessible to the public. Enter the librarian!

I try to stay abreast of educational research, when you’re writing grants it’s important to be aware of trends in how we view academic achievement. We are always looking for ways to improve learning, especially among vulnerable populations. That’s why a paper in the Review of Educational Research (March 2015), a peer-reviewed journal of the American Educational Research Association (likely available through your library), caught my attention this week.

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Teachers and Grants: Success Stories

Let me share some grant writing success stories to get your juices flowing. The summer is a wonderful time to clear the decks and start planning for next year; there will be curriculum related projects you will want to support with your grant writing efforts. Some projects selected for review are big, many teachers and other professionals banded together to do big things.

Blended Learning:

Rogers Family Foundation: 10 months of planning, design and implementation for a blended learning pilot in four traditional district schools in Oakland, CA. Oakland Unified School District faces a persistent achievement gap. Four pilot schools were selected to begin a systemic upgrade to facilities to prepare for a district blended learning project. An investment of $238 per pilot student was made for hardware. Other investments included infrastructure, bandwidth upgrades, software installations, and teacher training. The Rogers Foundation partnered with other funding providers to support and consult for a seamless roll-out of a multi-year project.
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