Monthly Archives: November 2015

Current Grant Opportunities – November 2015

  1. Small Grants from the Captain Planet Foundation
  2. Educational Grants from the Monticello College Foundation
  3. Learning & Leadership Grants from the NEA Foundation
  4. Mini-grants from the CHS Foundation
  5. Educational Grants from The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.
  6. Shakespeare in American Communities Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts
  7. Smart from the Start from Together Counts
  8. Digital Wish Grants from Digital Wish
  9. Japan Studies Grants from the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) Northeast Asia Council (NEAC)
  10. Foundation Grants from the Safeway Foundation

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Ethical Standards for Grant Writers

Every true professional works within certain ethical guidelines and this is certainly true for grant writers. Even if you work at it part time, and teach full time, you’ll be putting on a tighter ethical hat when you enter your grant world. You are dealing with and managing money. The temptations to abuse the trust you’ve been given are there, but not if you’ve set up your office and standards to be strictly ethical in the first place.

One of the reasons it’s so difficult to buy things for your classroom through regular school district channels, is the layers of oversight that are built in to the purchasing process. It’s driven by state law and experience gained from lessons learned. Be grateful, it will release you to pay firm attention to the task at hand, raising money for your kids. Leave the purchasing process to the purchasing professionals.

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Top Five Problems with Your Grant Applications

There are certain application mistakes that new grant writers make.

I’ve listed five of them for you, take a look and see if they apply to you:

  • Too ambitious, too much work proposed
  • Unfocused aims, unclear goals
  • Uncertain future directions (sustainability)
  • Describing your project
  • Demonstrating organizational capability

When a grant application crosses your desk, it’s tempting to see just the dollar signs. You are embarking on a project, one that may take several years to complete. You may not be successful the first time out. A few words of advice, don’t despair. The grantor needs to know you can be a reliable promoter of their goals and objectives. Wait, their goals, you say?

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