Monthly Archives: March 2015

Current Grant Opportunities – March 2015

  1. “Living in a Material World” Teacher Grants from the ASM Materials Education Foundation
  2. Library Grants from the Laura Bush Foundation for America’s Libraries
  3. Unsung Heroes Awards Program from Voya Financial
  4. Journalism Grant from the McCormick Foundation
  5. Let’s ALL Play Partnership from the National Inclusion Project
  6. Education Grants from the Kinder Morgan Foundation
  7. Student Achievement Grants from the NEA Foundation
  8. Instrument Grants from the Classics for Kids Foundation
  9. Foundation Grants from the Easton Sports Development Foundation II
  10. Foundation Grants from the Finish Line Youth Foundation

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School Funding Center Grants Database

This blog is a free feature of the School Funding Grants Database. I try to provide added value to subscribers, and free trial subscribers by posting grant writing tips and tricks for would-be school grant writing personnel. Sometimes I am guilty of not seeing the forest for the trees. I will get all excited about sharing minutiae of grant writing and grants management without stepping back to reveal the answer to the basic question:

“Where do I find the money?”

The database is a robust resource with access to information currently regarding over 180,000 opportunities representing over $17,000,000,000 in available funding. That’s a lot of money, and the aim is to make the information accessible to you as the grant writing teacher or school district grants manager.

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Collaborating for Grant Writers

The word collaboration evokes thoughts of harmony, cooperation and productivity.

I admit it, I’m a control freak (who me?) My stomach tightens when I hear the words “let’s collaborate on this grant application”. The speaker invariably means well, and I have worked on grant projects where collaboration was a key factor in successful completion. Many hands make light work, two heads are better than one.

However, I have also seen grant projects stall and become mired in bickering and in-fighting because strong personalities will try to assert themselves and gain ascendancy. It’s human nature. There are ways to avoid this.
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