Current Grant Opportunities- January 2014

  1. Foundation Grants from the Easton Sports Development Foundation II
  2. Computing Education for the 21st Century from the National Science Foundation
  3. Sol Hirsch Education Fund Grants from the National Weather Association
  4. 2014 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards from the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities
  5. Foundation Grants from the Flextronics Foundation
  6. Educational Grants from the Mockingbird Foundation
  7. Foundation Grants from the Lumina Foundation for Education
  8. Foundation Grants from the Finish Line Youth Foundation
  9. Youth CareerConnect Program from the U.S. Department of Labor

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The Experienced Grant Writer

In last week’s blog, I familiarized you with the School Funding Center Grants Database – to provide you with a sense of the huge number of sources they identify for school and community grants. They describe the search process very thoroughly.

At that time I said, “start your search with your location”. The database lets you filter by a number of categories, start with selecting your state. You’ll find the names of huge corporations that have offices nearby.

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Your Indispensable Tool: The School Funding Center Database

I started telling you about the database last time, some things bear repeating, I’ve included the information you need to get started on a fruitful search.

School Funding Center Grants Database – there is a free trial, you can get a sense of the huge number of sources they identify and they describe the search process very thoroughly.

Start your search with your location. The database lets you filter by a number of categories, start with selecting your state. You’ll find the names of huge corporations that you never knew were nearby.

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Current Grant Opportunities- December 2013

1.    Dreyfus Foundation Educational Grants from the Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation
2.    Classroom Grants from the Association of American Educators
3.    Siemens PLM Software Grant from the SME Education Foundation
4.    Smart from the Start Awards from Together Counts
5.    Farm to School Implementation Grants from the United States Department of Agriculture
6.    McCormick Foundation Journalism Grant from the McCormick Foundation
7.    Program Mini-grants from the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation
8.    Carol M. White Physical Education Program from the U.S. Department of Education
9.    Foundation Grants from the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation
10.  Murray Foundation Educational Grants from the Jerome S. & Grace H. Murray Foundation

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Who’s Going to Pay for All This?

I’ve been writing these blogs as if you are rock solid on who the potential grantor is going to be. For some grant seekers, the hardest part is finding a willing partner. As you go along and develop relationships with foundations, that question will become easier, you may find your source is so enamored of you and your school that they have stepped up and offered to help on a regular and scheduled basis.

If you’re just starting out though, the process of finding a source can be daunting. You’ve explored the online databases. Some have steep subscription costs. These fees may not be feasible right now, you haven’t even started to write your grant yet. Your principal may not want to give you a budget for an online database subscription. They will change their mind when they see the amount of data you can acquire from the School Funding Center site. After you’ve identified one or two possibilities, every foundation and corporation has its own philanthropy section on its website. This wasn’t always the case. I used to spend a great deal of time on the phone calling companies and asking them to send out the funding guidelines for their philanthropic division.

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Current Grant Opportunities- November 2013

1.    Mini-Grants from the Music Is Revolution Foundation
2.    Books for Children from the Libri Foundation
3.    Program Grants from the Enterprise Holdings Foundation
4.    Educational Grants from the Edward E. Ford Foundation
5.    Ford Foundation Educational Grants from The Ford Foundation
6.    EngineerGirl Essay Contest from Lockheed Martin
7.    Foundation Grants from Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation
8.    The Show Must Go On Video Contest from The Pioneer Drama Service, Inc
9.    USGA Alliance Grants from National Alliance for Accessible Golf
10.  Foundation Grant from Patterson Foundation

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Assessment and Evaluation in Grant Writing

You’re really moving along now; you have a very good handle on the program you will be providing for your students. You’ve described the need and you have checked your eligibility for the grant you are seeking.

By now, you’ve spoken to your prospective grantor. Yes? A phone call has been made to be sure you have the most current application package from their office. You’ve cleverly woven in an introduction to your project with your requests for more information. You have started the process of developing a rich and long lasting relationship with XYZ Foundation. You’ve been to their office (or nearby university) where there was a grants conference to meet and greet grant professionals in your community. Their experience will be useful to you as you go along.

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Budget Planning Sheet for Grant Applications

Here is a “budget planning sheet” you may find useful. It has been my guide for years. It is a list of all the funding categories you might possibly need to be sure you include all required items for your project. It forces you to think of everything. It is an excel spreadsheet and it automatically adds everything up so you can keep track of what your budget request will be when you finally submit your application.

Describing Project Activities in Your Narrative

We have talked about demographics, statistics about your school that help you demonstrate need for the funding you seek. We’ve set the stage for writing the successful proposal you know you can submit to a foundation. You now have a working skeleton or outline to lead you to next steps. Your goals have been set and defined.

We’ll talk today about the how. What activities will you devise to move from concept to success? This is where you start to justify your budget, you can’t provide an activity schedule without the funds for materials and supplies, and the curriculum programs you have identified that will best solve your problem. The step is 6B, Proposed Activities.

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Current Grant Opportunities – October 2013

1.    BOKS Activation Grant from the Reebok Foundation
2.    Nurturing Children Grants from the New York Life Foundation
3.    Bank of America Foundation Educational Grants from Bank of America Foundation
4.    Community Initiative Grants from the Kresge Foundation
5.    Let’s ALL Play Partnership from the National Inclusion Project
6.    Program Grants from the Annenberg Foundation
7.    The Victor C. Clark Youth Incentive Program from the American Radio Relay League Foundation
8.    Anthony Robbins Foundation Grants from the Anthony Robbins Foundation
9.    Arthur Patch McKinlay Scholarship from the American Classical League
10.  IWP Foundation Educational Grants from the Innovating Worthy Projects Foundation

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